1. 22 Feb, 2020 7 commits
  2. 13 Feb, 2020 1 commit
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      Add bionic vsnprintf and zygote whitelist shim · b336abe8
      Aaron Kling authored
      The graphics stack triggers a fortify assert in vsnprintf starting
      with O. It tries to read past the end of a string. This shim
      overrides vsnprintf and reestablishes the behaviour from N.
      Zygote Whitelist:
      The graphics stack leaves open file descriptors. Unless whitelisted
      zygote will assert and crash when this happens. This shim overloads
      the function that checks the whitelist and adds entries to it.
      Change-Id: I837af11c6eb6afc948d6a6e8f320e05122e4128c
  3. 08 Sep, 2019 1 commit
  4. 04 Sep, 2019 4 commits
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      Use 64-bit binder · a8a754cd
      Aaron Kling authored
      32-bit binder is deprecated and 64-bit binder is supported on
      32-bit kernels, so go ahead and use it.
      Change-Id: I8606a0775935f0490077e0109314c7d25836834a
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      Disable bootloader build · 8f5a936d
      Aaron Kling authored
      Tegra K1 bootloader is closed source
      Change-Id: I0d52a60752ebf873289fbe95631bb131a2aa33a6
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      Add system properties · ea9e12cc
      Aaron Kling authored
      Based on stock shieldtablets build.prop
      Change-Id: Idc91a5232d87fff0d51f95efe94acab2583f1231
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      Add arch specific init files · d1f930c1
      Aaron Kling authored
      init.t124.rc copied from shieldtablet nv-tegra
      Change-Id: I8cf5cfc43ed1f7fd3fd82e9668999e50fbab7fa8
  5. 25 Nov, 2018 1 commit